Writing a Good Story

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Tone: Your story should be true to you. It might be serious, sad, uplifting, empowering, humorous, or anything in between.

Genre: You should write in the way that works best for you--you might write a poem, a letter, a story, or an essay.

Length: Text submissions should be under 2,000 words.



If you're looking for help getting started, consider the prompts below:

  • Think about a place representative of your recovery. Describe that place and explain why it is important to your journey.
  • Write a letter to recovery.
  • Write a letter to future you, or a letter saying goodbye to a certain time of your life.
  • Write a story in the form of a postcard message. If you took a picture of your hometown and made it into a postcard, who would you send the postcard to and what would you say?
  • Think of an object that you relate to your recovery process: a piece of jewelry, a drawing, a photo, anything that you connect to emotionally or spiritually. Describe the object in detail. Tell us how you got it and what it makes you think of.