Adding Images

Add your story to the map


Adding Original Art

If you wish to add images to your written narrative--or if you would like to submit artwork as your way to share a story of recovery--please follow the guidelines below.

We only accept original art or pre-approved images (see below). If you upload digital content (again, with the exception of the pre-approved images below), you represent that you are the sole owner of the photographs, videos, multimedia, or artwork; that such work does not violate any third-party rights; and that you have the full power to grant us the rights granted herein to them.

Please include a short written description of any original art you upload. This text alternative will be used to improve accessibility for those who cannot see images.


Adding Pre-Approved Images from the Movable Collection

If you would like to add a pre-approved image to your written narrative, please choose one of the Creative Commons approved images found at our Movable Unsplash account. Please provide a link to your chosen image in your submission text, or you may download the image and attach it to your submission using the "Upload image" button on the submission portal.