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Music and Movable: Call for Contributors

20 August 2020

In addition to sharing narratives, poems, interviews, and art about recovery, Movable now includes music inspired by recovery stories.

Composer Jonathon Shuff, based out of Huntington, WV, created Movable's first musical composition after reading Nick Roberts's story of recovery. Shuff's music works to capture the feeling of Roberts's piece and provide site visitors with a new way to engage with recovery. Click the play button below to hear Shuff's composition.

Currently a graduate student, Shuff has been active in both the professional artistic world, attending conferences throughout the state and nation, and in community outreach, teaching throughout WV and creating and assisting in the production of numerous festivals in Huntington. Shuff can be found on major social media platforms, and his music can be streamed through SoundCloud.

Shuff is looking to create additional compositions for Movable. If you're interested in sharing a story and having it set to music, please submit your story and indicate a song, album, or musician who inspires you in your recovery. Shuff states that he will take contributor's musical inspirations and use them to create original compositions.